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Exploring England's Belfries: A Pictorial Essay
Photographs by Christopher Dalton : Notes and introduction by Richard Jones

November 2019, 232pp, hardback
ISBN 978-1-905622-57-3, £39.95

Exploring England's Belfries, with more than one hundred superbly evocative black-and-white photographs in high-quality reproduction, celebrates Christopher Dalton's work portraying churches in their landscape settings, tower exteriors and interiors, historic bell frames, and a chronological sequence of bells and their ornamentation.

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Photography at Length: The Authentic History of Panoramic Cameras
By Brian Polden A.R.P.S.

August 2019, 544pp, hardback
ISBN 978-1-905622-55-9, £75.00

Photography at Length is the most comprehensive history of the panoramic camera currently available. It illustrates the many and diverse ways of making panoramic images that have been devised since the very beginnings of photography.

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The Order of Progress: The Rise and Fall of the Idea of Progress in ‘Early’ Anthropology
By Bernd Weiler

October 2016, 652pp, hardback
ISBN 978-1-905622-47-4, £125.00
European Studies in Social Theory

The late Bernd Weiler’s masterwork is an insightful study into what lies behind the intellectual belief in progress that characterised much of the 19th century. His fascinating reconstruction of the genesis of modern anthropology and its ideology of progressive human evolution, which was evident from around 1850, is portrayed and analysed with the tools of the disciplines of the history and sociology of knowledge.

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The Logic of Explanation in the Social Sciences
By Enzo Di Nuoscio

October 2018, 190pp, hardback
ISBN 978-1-905622-48-1, £75.00
European Studies in Social Theory

In this book the distinguished Italian philosopher and sociologist Enzo Di Nuoscio investigates the classical problems of methodology of the social sciences (in particular, the contrapositions between “individualism” and “collectivism”, “explanation” and “comprehension”). He discusses the notions of “causality”, “scientific law”, objectivity”, “empathy”, “hermeneutic circle”, “rationality of action”, “scientific fact”, “unintentional consequences”, “spontaneous order”, and “the dispersion of knowledge”.

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The Penitentiary Ten: The Transformation of the English Prison, 1770–1850
By Neil Davie

December 2016, 580pp, hardback
ISBN 978-1-905622-51-1, £125.00
European Studies in Social Theory

The Penitentiary Ten takes a fresh look at a key moment in British criminal justice history: the eighty-year period after 1770 which saw the emergence of a new conception of the Prison as a privileged site of punishment and reform. The book examines the contribution of ten men and women - the "Penitentiary Ten" of the title - to the wide-ranging debates of these years.

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Darwin in France:
Contributions to a Theory of Cognitive Sociology

By Dominique Guillo

November 2016, 182pp, hardback
ISBN 978-1-905622-34-4, £90.00
GEMAS Studies in Social Analysis

This book reports the findings of a sociological research project into how French people understand "Darinism" and creationism, which reveals that while in France, people generally agree with “Darwinism” or “evolution”, what ordinary people see as covered by these terms is very different from what scientists understand of the same concepts. However, this research shows that we should not overestimate the preciseness of their beliefs and the strength of their commitment to this issue. Their understanding of these ideas is in reality somewhat blurred, and often linked to a form of indi erence, which invites both a critical re-examination of the views developed in cognitive science and the social sciences on the relationship between science and everyday knowledge.

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Form and Change in the Ashmolean Museum

By James A. Hudson

Hardback, Limited edition of 350 – signed, stamped and numbered, 96pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-52-8, £45.00

Inspired by Ovid's Metamorphosis, this beautifully produced, limited edition, photobook, featuring high quality duotone images, navigates the relationship between visitors and art in a museum environment, as experienced from behind the camera lens.

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Theories and Social Mechanisms:
Essays in Honour of Mohamed Cherkaoui

Edited by Gianluca Manzo

November 2015, hardback, 2 volumes, 858pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-46-7, £275.00

This Festschrift has been prepared to celebrate the life and work of Professor Mohamed Cherkaoui (b. 1945). It provides 37 articles contributed by leading sociologists and social scientists, whose essays explore and evaluate aspects of his many contributions to the understanding of contemporary society in both France itself and at a more global level, as well as his insights into some of the central geopolitical issues of the 21st century.

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Talcott Parsons and Modern Sociology
By Peter Hamilton with François Chazel

May 2014, 260pp
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-905622-09-2, £75.00

Paperback: ISBN 978-1-905622-29-0, £29.99
GEMAS Studies in Social Analysis

This book provides both a concise introduction to the central ideas and concepts of this “key sociologist” by Peter Hamilton and a new essay by the eminent French sociologist François Chazel on the reception of his work in Europe, where much of the reconsideration of the significance of his contribution has been centred.

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Optics and the Rise of Perspective: A Study in Network Knowledge Difusion
By Dominique Raynaud

May 2014, 260pp, hardback
ISBN 978-1-905622-31-3, £90.00
GEMAS Studies in Social Analysis

This book is a remarkable study of the intellectual context in which perspective came to be a key part of visual representation in Western culture and science. It uses a broad spectrum of methods, ranging from the biographies of university scholars and textual concordance to cross-cultural comparison, advanced network analysis and modelling.

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Axel Hägerström and Modern Social Thought
Edited by Sven Eliaeson, Patricia Mindus and Stephen P. Turner

31st March 2014, Hardback, 472pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-43-6, £150.00

European Studies in Social Theory

This major volume of studies of Axel Hägerström (1868–1939) presents contributions by leading international scholars to a 2011 symposium on the only Swedish philosopher of international significance for social thought.

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A Treatise on Modern Architecture in Five Books
By George Saumarez Smith

16th September 2013, paperback, 144pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-905622-50-4, £40.00, limited to 500 copies.

A Treatise on Modern Architecture in Five Books is in the tradition of architectural treatises of the 19th century; it is a book of drawings that provides a catalogue of the author’s designs for a wide range of buildings together with a selection of his measured drawings.

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Sociology as Science: An Intellectual Autobiography
By Raymond Boudon; Translated by Peter Hamilton

31st March 2013, paperback, 106pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-07-8
GEMAS Studies in Social Analysis

In this entertaining and insightful book, Raymond Boudon, one of France’s most eminent sociologists, draws on his personal history and intellectual career, showing how they relate to his distinctive ideas on the claim that contemporary sociology can operate as a true science. His distinctive contributions on such topics as educational and social inequality, rationality, methodological individualism, and the classical tradition in sociology have been influential.

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Sociological Reasoning: A Non-Popperian Space of Argumentation
By Jean-Claude Passeron; Edited and Introduced by Derek Robbins; Translated by Rachel Gomme

March 2013, Hardback, 618pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-44-3, £95.00

European Studies in Social Theory

Do the social sciences provide universally valid explanations of human behaviour in society? Passeron thinks not. He argues vigorously that they are ‘in-between’ sciences located within the changing course of history. Sociological reasoning enables us to analyse the dialectic between context and individual intention.

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Placing Politics
Marc Abélès
Translated by Dominique Lussier

December 2012, paperback, 270 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-45-0
Studies in the African Rift Valley

In Placing Politics (published originally as Le lieu du politique in 1983), Marc Abélès sets out to study the political practices of the Ochollo from the Gamo highlands of south-west Ethiopia. In doing so he demonstrates that the Ochollo constitute a “democratic” model of organisation where the population is self-administrered by means of frequent assemblies.

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The Gamo of Ethiopia: A Study of their Political System
By Jacques Bureau
Translated by Dominique Lussier

December 2012, paperback, 228 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-41-2
Studies in the African Rift Valley

The Gamo of Ethiopia are made up of around forty political entities integrated into the Menilek Empire in 1897–1898. Each of these entities is governed by a democratic assembly and represented by a sacrificer-king. In The Gamo of Ethiopia (originally published as Les Gamo d’Éthiopie in 1981) Jacques Bureau looks at several of these entities at different moments in their history and studies variants of two types of institution: assemblies and sacrificers.

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An Expedition With Negus Menilek
By J.-G. Vanderheym
Translated by Dominque Lussier

December 2012, paperback, 134 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-42-9
Studies in the African Rift Valley

Publication of this title was supported by THE CHRISTENSEN FUND

With his book An Expedition with Negus Menilek, (published here in an English translation for the first time) J.-G. Vanderheym provides a rare eye-witness account, by a European, of everyday life at the court of Emperor Menilek towards the close of the nineteenth century.

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Sexuality in France: Gender Practices and Health
Edited by Nathalie Bajos & Michel Bozon
Research coordinated by Nathalie Beltzer

28 September 2012, Hardback, 590pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-28-2
, £150.00
Gemas Studies in Social Analysis Series

This book presents the most recent and comprehensive scientific study of the sexual behaviour and attitudes of the French. Published for the first time in English, the work is based on a major research survey conducted in 2006–7 with 12,000 participants, and supported by the main social research and health agencies in France. The results of the study are described in full and analysed according to the key issues concerning variations in sexual behaviour and attitudes and their consequences for the sexual health of the French population.

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Social Dynamics of Biomedical Research: An Actionist Perspective on the Sociology of Science
By Michel Dubois

May 2012, Hardback, 220pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-21-4
, £70.00
Gemas Studies in Social Analysis Series

In his new book on the social dynamics of biomedical research, Michel Dubois analyses two contemporary areas of rapid scientific growth: stem cells and prion diseases. Through a study of changes in scientific collaboration in these fields, his aim is to offer an alternative to the overly simplistic view of scientific transformation associated with the idea of “technoscience”.

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The Challenge of Indigenous Peoples: Spectacle or Politics?
Edited by Barbara Glowczewski & Rosita Henry

3 June 2011, eBook,
ISBN 978-1-905622-40-5
, £90.00 (inc. VAT @ 20%)
24 June 2011, Hardback, 300pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-26-9
, £90.00

This book is concerned with the ways in which Indigenous peoples express their cultural and social identities in art and politics. Based on field research and practical initiatives with Indigenous peoples in Australia, Oceania, Asia and Siberia, it provides chapters on contemporary creative and political practices.

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Paul F. Lazarsfeld, An Empirical Theory of Social Action -
Collected Writings

Edited by Christian Fleck and Nico Stehr
Translations by Hella Beister

28 March 2011, Hardback, 508pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-22-1
, £150.00
GEMAS Studies in Social Analysis Series

The articles collected together in Paul F. Lazarsfeld, An Empirical Theory of Social Action demonstrate that many of Paul Lazarsfeld's influential intellectual and methodological concerns that were to so shape the direction of sociology as a discipline in the United States were already evident in his early writings, many of which are published here for the first time in English.
Accompanied by a detailed and illuminating biographical introduction by the editors, this collection is an important contribution to the history of sociology in the 20th century.

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Ancient Korea-Japan Relations and the Nihonshoki
By Choi Jae-sŏk

25 March 2011, hardback, 320pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-10-8, £90.00

Ancient Korea–Japan Relations and the Nihonshoki represents the distillation of 15 years of research by Choi Jae-sŏk into ancient Korea–Japan relations. The author analyses nineteen elements of the Nihonshoki, which, as he asserts, is more than a history of ancient Japan, it is also a history of ancient Korea–Japan relations.

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Baby Boomers: A Mobile Generation
By Catherine Bonvalet & Jim Ogg

January 2011, 254pp.
Hardback: ISBN: 978-1-905622-33-7, £65.00;
paperback: ISBN: 978-1-905622-39-9, £24.99

Through the use of survey data and qualitative interviews with baby boomers living in London and Paris, the authors demonstrate the diversity of the boomer generation - most notably in terms of housing experiences but equally in areas such as work and consumption. The contrasting experiences within the two cities studied provide evidence that is at odds with the commonly accepted view that baby boomers are culturally dominant and have a monopoly of financial wealth.

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The Future of Collective Beliefs
By Gérald Bronner

January 2011, hardback, 200pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-35-1, £65.00

In this intriguing book on the sociology of beliefs, Gérald Bronner examines the social processes that perpetuate all types of strange and erroneous ideas. Using models based on cognitive science, he explores the weird and wonderful domain of the “market for ideas”. Although we may think that scientific progress roots out the seeds of false belief, Bronner unlocks the answer to why the advance of reason opens up new terrains on which the weeds of error can flourish.

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Rights and Virtues:
Political Essays on Citizenship and Social Justice

By Bryan S. Turner

***Now available in paperback***
January 2011, £29.99, 312pp, ISBN: 978-1-905622-38-2
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Hardback, April 2008, £70, 320pp. ISBN: 978-1-905622-08-5
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The subjects covered in this major new work include the debate about modern citizenship inspired by T.H. Marshall, the globalisation of human rights, national sovereignty, the relationship between religion and conceptions of rights, participation and exclusion, and the concept of social virtue.

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New Europe: Growth to Limits?
Edited by Sven Eliaeson & Nadezhda Georgieva
Foreword by Christopher G.A. Bryant

July 2010, hardback, 468pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-905622-27-6, £125.00

How far can the European Union be extended geographically? How far, too, can the four freedoms and the single market be developed? What are the limits to multi-level governance? What, beyond liberal democracy and a market economy, does the union stand for? On these and other questions this book's twenty plus contributions, based on a symposium at the Centre for Social Studies at the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw, offer readers rich food for thought.

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Modelling Educational Choice: An Explanation of Change in French Secondary Education
By Nathalie Bulle
Foreword by Raymond Boudon

July 2010, hardback, 154pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-905622-36-8, £50.00

In this rigorous study of French secondary education during the 20th century, Nathalie Bulle provides a simulation of how pupils and their families chose amongst the streams of study available to them. Her research supports the thesis of the relative autonomy of the educational system in relation to other sub-systems of society, and is a major contribution to the sociology of education.

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Three Classicists
By Ben Pentreath, George Saumarez Smith and Francis Terry
Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales
Introduction by Ruth Guilding; Afterword by Hank Dittmar

3rd May 2010, paperback, 96pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-905622-37-5, £20.00

This catalogue accompanies a major exhibition being held during May 2010 at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London of drawings and work by Ben Pentreath, George Saumarez Smith and Francis Terry. Each of the Three Classicists has contributed three essays conveying their personal observations on architecture along with beautiful illustrations of their work in sketches, presentation drawings and photographs.

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Raymond Boudon: A Life in Sociology
Edited by Mohamed Cherkaoui and Peter Hamilton

October 2009, £525, 4 volumes, hardback in slipcase, 1624 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-18-4

This Festschrift has been prepared to celebrate the life and work of Raymond Boudon (b. 1934). It provides 83 articles by a cross-section of the world's leading sociologists, social scientists and philosophers who offer analytical essays that explore and evaluate aspects of his many contributions to the understanding of contemporary society.

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The Economic Consequences of Mr. Brown:
How a Strong Government Was Defeated by a Weak System of Governance

By Stein Ringen

14 September 2009, £5.95, paperback, 64 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-24-5

In The Economic Consequences of Mr. Brown, Professor Ringen, Oxford's Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, analyses the economic policies of New Labour from fiscal management to outcomes in child poverty, health, crime, education, and inequality.

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Family and Housing:
Recent Trends in France and Southern Europe

Edited by Catherine Bonvalet, Valérie Laflamme, Denise Arbonville

March 2009, £70, hardback, 344 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-19-1

This important new comparative research study of housing and family is distinctive because it takes France and southern Europe as its focus.

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Solsbury Hill:
Chronicle of a Road Protest

By Adrian Arbib : Foreword by George Monbiot and Paul Kingsnorth

February 2009, £19.95, hardback, 84 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-20-7

In 1994 Adrian Arbib had privileged access to photograph the events on the Solsbury hill road protest, from the often violent actions taken by the private security guards to the quieter moments of life in the trees. His work is a unique record of an important moment in British political history when a peaceable ­political movement changed government transport policy.

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Down the Deep Lanes
By Peter Beacham and James Ravilious

June 2008, 2nd expanded edition, 148 pp
Paperback, £19.95, ISBN: 978-1-905622-16-0
Hardback, £39.95, ISBN: 978-1-905622-15-3

James Ravilious's stunning photography and Peter Beacham's wonderfully perceptive text take the reader on a journey down Devon's deep lanes into the heart of a countryside not usually acknowledged by guidebooks. What is described, illustrated and celebrated here is the stuff of everyday existence in the rural south west – the lane, field and farmstead, the orchard and the vegetable garden, cob and corrugated iron, and the all pervading weather.

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Durkheim and the Puzzle of Social Complexity
By Mohamed Cherkaoui

March 2008, £60, hardback, 232 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-05-4

In this remarkable defence of Durkheimian social theory, Mohamed Cherkaoui analyses the relevance of the great French sociologist's ideas for understanding contemporary society. These range from the discussion of anomie and suicide, to the role of politics in pedagogy and educational organisation.

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Research-Technology and Cultural Change: Instrumentation, Genericity, Transversality
By Terry Shinn

March 2008, £60.00, hardback, 216 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-06-1

This book outlines a new perspective on the history and sociology of science that places the devices and instruments of scientific measurement, and the people who design and develop them, at the centre of study. Terry Shinn identifies a hitherto unexplored domain of scientific development that he calls research-technology, and demonstrates its centrality for understanding scientific change and development.

Religious Diversity and Civil Society: A Comparative Analysis
Edited by Bryan S. Turner

January 2008, £60.00, hardback, 208 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-11-5

This collection of essays by leading scholars focuses on two controversial propositions central to the contemporary issues faced by multi-religious societies. Firstly, societies that are culturally and ethnically diverse can be more difficult to govern than those that are homogenous. Secondly globalization, particularly of religion, makes these problems increasingly endemic, global and potentially catastrophic.

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The Foundations of the Social: Between Critical Theory and Reflexive Sociology
By Simon Susen

December 2007, £75.00, hardback, 360 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-12-2

In this lucid and novel examination of the concept of the social in contemporary critical thought, Simon Susen argues that we can only identify solid grounds for social critique by identifying the grounds of the social itself.

The Liberal Vision and Other Essays on Democracy and Progress
By Stein Ringen

November 2007, £60, hardback, 224 pp.
ISBN 978-1-905622-04-7

These reflections are about modern capitalism. It is a waste of time to be for or against globalisation. New technology is a fact, the mobility of capital is a fact, the movement of jobs and people across borders is a fact. The political challenge is to master the use of reason in a world economy that is now unbelievably productive in the generation of wealth but also shockingly unfair in the distribution of economic power.

An English Eye: The Photographs of James Ravilious
Photographs by James Ravilious
Text by Peter Hamilton
Foreword by Alan Bennett

December 2007, £19.95, paperback, 120 pp., 113 duotones
ISBN: 978-1-905622-14-6

The Bardwell Press are proud to announce the forthcoming publication of the second edition of "An English Eye" which offered the first comprehensive study of the work of James Ravilious (1939-1999), a leading British photographer of rural life and landscape with a uniquely "English eye"

Willy Ronis: Photographs 1926-1995
Photographs by Willy Ronis
Text by Peter Hamilton

1995, £25.00, paperback, 128pp, 120 photographs
ISBN 0-905

This book provides the first comprehensive study in English of the work of Willy Ronis (b. 1910), a leading figure in the development of French humanist photography. Designed to complement the retrospective exhibition held in Oxford's Museum of Modern Art, the book surveys Ronis's career as a photographer, assessing his contribution in the context of the key cultural, social and political movements of his time.

Morocco and the Sahara: Social Bonds and Geopolitical Issues
By Mohamed Cherkaoui

2nd revised and enlarged edition
November 2007, £10.00, €15.00, $20.00; hardback, 216 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-13-9

This careful and well-informed study by a leading sociologist explores key questions about Morocco and its relations with the Western Sahara. The strategies of the main actors are discussed, and the underlying game theories that explain their actions are analysed in regional and international contexts. The geopolitical dimension of the present situation is explored, in terms of the ever-present threat of a balkanization of this part of North Africa. Proposals for autonomy for the Saharan regions are examined in the light of the vast and unprecedented programme of reform undertaken by Morocco in the last decade, opening up new political solutions.

Le sahara, liens sociaux et enjeux géostratégiques
By Mohamed Cherkaoui

27th July 2007, €15.00, £10.00, $20.00; hardback, 224 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-905622-02-3

Cet essai ne vise pas à réécrire l’histoire des liens entre le Maroc et le Sahara Occidental. Il a d’autres ambitions. Au-delà des principes juridiques qu’impliquent ces liens, il inscrit la controverse saharienne dans son contexte régional et international, éclaire les stratégies des acteurs et identifie les modèles de la théorie des jeux qui les sous-tendent. Il rend également attentif aux effets géostratégiques pervers qu’une balkanisation de la région engendrerait. Il se propose aussi de situer la solution de l’autonomie des régions sahariennes dans le cadre du vaste chantier de réformes sans précédent que le Maroc a entreprises depuis dix ans et qui ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives politiques.

Agent-based Modelling and Simulation in the Social and Human Sciences
Edited by Denis Phan and Frédéric Amblard

September 2007, £90.00, hardback, 448 pp.
ISB: 978-1-905622-01-6

This volume brings together contributions from leading researchers in the field of agent-based modelling and simulation.

It contains contributions from among others: Denis Phan, Frédéric Amblard, Nigel Gilbert, Robert Axtell, Jacques Ferber.

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By Oliver Galland
Translated by Toby Matthews and Peter Hamilton
with a foreword by Bryan S. Turner

May 2007, £60.00, hardback, 192 pp
ISBN: 978-0-9548683-7-6

In Boundless Youth, his first major publication in English, Olivier Galland argues forcefully for the continued relevance of a distinctive age group we can call “youth” despite its changing and increasingly diffuse character.

Pragmatism and European Social Theory
Edited by Patrick Baert and Bryan S. Turner

May 2007, £60.00, hardback, 192 pp.
ISBN 978-1-905622-00-9

Pragmatism and European Social Theory questions the assertion that pragmatism was committed to clarity and simplicity of its ideas, in contrast to European social theory, seen by its critics as deliberately vague, abstract and obscure by showing how pragmatism influenced both classical and modern social theory.
It contains contributions from Jack Barbalet, Patrick Baert, Thora Margareta Bertilsson, Larry Ray, Matthew Festenstein, Veronique Mottier and Bryan S. Turner.

Good Intentions: Max Weber and the Paradox of Unintended Consequences
By Mohamed Cherkaoui

Translated by Peter Hamilton
with a foreword by Bryan S. Turner

February 2007, £60.00, hardback, 256 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9548683-9-0
ISBN-10: 0-9548683-9-0

All of human life is affected by the awkward fact that, as Robert Burns said: “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. Taking his cue from Max Weber’s seminal insights into this phenomenon, Mohamed Cherkaoui explores this paradoxical world where good intentions so often produce unintended consequences.

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Tocqueville for Today
By Raymond Boudon

Translated by Peter Hamilton
with a foreword by Bryan S. Turner

October 2006, £50.00, hardback, 160pp.
ISBN 0-9548683-5-8

Raymond Boudon provides a lucid and illuminating account of the relevance to our understanding of contemporary society of the work of one of France's greatest and most original thinkers, Alexis de Tocqueville.

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By Mohamed Cherkaoui

October 2005, £55.00, hardback, 196pp.
ISBN 0-9548683-2-3

Gemas Studies in Social Analysis
Series Editors: Mohamed Cherkaoui, Peter Hamilton & Bryan S. Turner

Invisible Codes is a path-breaking book about the concept of social or generative mechanisms, of which an early example is Adam Smith's idea of the 'invisible hand'. It deals with a problem long evident in sociological explanation, the 'macro-micro' dilemma.

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By Raymond Boudon
with a foreword by Bryan S. Turner

January 2005, £45.00, hardback, 224pp.
ISBN: 0-9548683-0-7

"Professor Boudon defends a version of social science that does not end in pessimism or nihilism, partly by reviving the idea of moral sentiment and defending the idea of common sense knowledge. This translation and consolidation of his recent essays on sociology is an important event in the contemporary quest to find an alternative to the debilitating consequences of relativism."
— From the Foreword by Bryan S. Turner, National University of Singapore

On Bourdieu, Education and Society
By Derek Robbins

with a preface by Bryan S. Turner

July 2006, £75.00, hardback, 624pp.
ISBN: 0-9548683-6-6

On Bourdieu, Education and Society is a collection of 25 influential articles by Derek Robbins, one of Britain's leading scholars on the French sociologist. In the first part of the book Robbins's autobiographical introduction describes and contextualizes each of his essays in terms of his own social and political experiences.

tracing the Criminal Tracing the Criminal: The Rise of Scientific Criminology in Britain, 1860-1918
By Neil Davie

with a foreword by Bryan S. Turner

January 2006, £65.00, hardback, 304pp.
ISBN: 0-9548683-1-5

Tracing the Criminal recounts the history of the emergence of 'scientific' criminology in Britain during the period 1860-1918. It shows how it developed from the prevalent view that criminals constituted a sub-category of the Human Race who differed from the law-abiding majority in other ways than simply by their lawbreaking, and that those differences were accessible to scientific investigation.

Sea Fever
By Stuart Franklin

October 2005, £24.99, paperback, 144pp., 250 x 250 mm, 117 B&W photographs
ISBN 0-9548683-4-X

Sea Fever is a beautifully produced book about the changing face of Britain's coastline. High quality duotone reproduction of Stuart Franklin's stunning black and white photographs take the reader from the impact of storms in the Outer Hebrides to the aftermath of the flash flood in Boscastle.

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Silence at Ramscliffe
By Chris Chapman and James Crowden

August 2005, £25.00, hardback, 136pp., 250 x 250 mm, 53 B&W photographs
ISBN: 0-9548683-3-1

Chris Chapman's recording of events during the contiguous cull at Ramscliffe Farm, North Devon is accompanied by James Crowden's perceptive and keenly observed poetry.
Includes DVD of ITV West documentary "Silence at Ramscliffe" written and presented by Chris Chapman

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Also Available: Limited edition of Chris Chapman's acclaimed Wild Goose and Riddon
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Interactive CD-ROM of Jean Mohr's images
£25.00 including postage and packing

Collected on this CD-ROM are more than 1,200 of Jean Mohr's finest images in black and white and colour.

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